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For Caliban, again, uncertainty about the contents of his god's mind was cause for anxiety, Setebos being "placable" only if his thoughts could be known.
In A Briefe and most easie Introduction to the Astrologicall Iudgement of the Starres (1598), for example, Claude Dariot (1533-96) warns that the physician who does not observe "a due and conuenient time for the operation of his medicines and ministring Phisicke" will not succeed, and a good doctor must take careful note of "the Criticall and dangerous days: when the sicknes will be more grieuous and vehement, and when it wilbe more remisse and placable." (72) Similarly, John Fage, in his Speculum Aegrotorum, or the Sickemen Glasse (1606), stresses the importance of knowing the exact time when an illness began.
216)), and a couple of pages later is entertaining the reader with a description of the charms of the beautiful 'Clarisse', waiting at table 'with a heavy placable nonchalance, like a performing cow' (p.
In Paradise Lost Adam becomes the first prophet, recalling to Eve the prophetic voice of God and renewing the promise of the protoevangelium by which God and man meet: Methought I saw him placable and mild, Bending his ear; persuasion in me grew That I was heard with favor; peace return'd Home to my Breast, and to my memory His promise, that thy Seed shall bruise our Foe; Which then not minded in dismay, yet now Assures me that the bitterness of death Is past, and we shall live.