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This is clearly a vote grabbing exercise to placate the Greens and animal welfare lobbyists.
the Whereas a tea " or the have to the or party at your house with a game of stick the tail on the donkey or pass the parcel would have been enough to placate even the most demanding of 1970s or 1980s children, nowadays the expectation to return ever more lavish affairs is a bewildering burden for parents.
And that's why teachers collectively, the world over, decided to invent the gold star -- to placate those kids who need placating, even if there might be nothing tangible to show for it.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) is said to be taking measures to placate Japanese regulators following three scandals due to lack of adherence to regulations.
PEACEMAKER Barton tries to placate the pitch invaders
A month before the midterm congressional vote, [US President Barack] Obama suddenly wants to solve the Palestinian issue, in a way seeking to placate US public opinion," Mottaki stated.
To placate us Gordon Brown hints on partial withdrawal soon, but our new timid Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, pictured, gives further subservience to American foreign policy, even though the American voters have given the thumbs down to George Bush and his new Conservatives.
I am not reassured by Hudson's nondenials intended to placate us into overlooking her homophobic religious faith.
In a move to placate critics, it is reported there will be the option of cutting the submarine fleet from four to three and reducing the stockpile of nuclear warheads.
They may want to placate their socially conservative supporters by claiming they fulfilled their promise and did what they could to bring back the traditional definition of marriage.
But his speedy apology should have been enough to placate even the most militant Muslims.