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A heavily nuanced document, the Windsor Report placated only segments of the church, which had anticipated a bleak future for the Communion--perhaps even dissolution.
But Hal Sutton's team have been placated by a pounds 1.
They are tossing up domestic partnership and hoping we're placated," Pelletier says.
This will lead to fierce resistance from some clubs but they will be placated by the creation of Premier Two.
He was trying to thank them - but they were in no mood to be placated and the Blackburn defender said: "I wanted to say sorry.
With the population placated," he asserts, "ruling elites could maintain their power and hegemony.
Ariel Dorfman's How to Read Donald Duck notes that Donald's mythical South American retreat, dubbed "Hondorica" in the funny papers, shows the Hondurans as a happy, trusting bunch of children, easily hood, winked or placated.