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They can, however, be placated by self-sacrifice, and the opera concludes on a happy note for all but the rejected Elettra.
So Mrs Gentles will probably be neither placated nor appeased.
When one soft error finally appeared on the log, their doubts that the new MAXSTRAT storage server was too good to be true were placated, and since then they have been able to enjoy the benefits of reliability and performancerver.
Or maybe they were placated by the tens of thousands in EIDC funds he poured into their political campaigns.
They really did their research to see what children at that age are placated and pacified by, and then put the images to work,'' Kluger said.
That prospect, plus the quick price boost the WWF deal generated, placated many of the investors who had planned to give Farrel the what-for at today's meeting.
Not everyone in Dalbeattie, Scotland, was placated by Wednesday's personal apology from the makers of ``Titanic'' for implying the ship's first officer, a local hero, was a cowardly murderer.
But on one point they sound nearly unanimous: The outcome would have been longer and bloodier without the pope's deft ability to maintain the push for freedom on track while keeping the government placated.
In the end, Lindvig and Cohen placated their colleagues long enough to get them to sign on the dotted line for $1,750, scuttling a three-day trial that would have cost taxpayers about $15,000.