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An astrophysicist, Henry, and his wife, Sonia, quarrel over placating their 6-year-old son, who won't go to sleep.
Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci's articles are particularly influential in PT circles given his recipes for achieving revolutionary goals while placating business interests and the middle class," comments Brant.
Looking back on the revised version of the Andromeda myth, we might say that it was more realistic to envision Andromeda as being chained to the rock of her own lust and victimized by unscrupulous Pill promoters (the sea monster) as a way of placating intemperate males (Neptune), while the Catholic Church (Perseus) was courageously trying to come to her rescue.
But military strikes against Afghanistan, while placating domestic demands for revenge and raising the Americans' patriotism to an all-time high, are only likely to deepen some of the very reasons that led to terrorist actions against the United States in the first place.
One writer pointed out that Catholic hospitals are supposed to be guided by Catholic teaching, including that on homosexuality; another wondered whether the claim "we celebrate diversity" might not, in fact, also cover 'celebrating abortions'; a third, a medical doctor, argued that SMH's placating of homosexual activists represents the last straw in the demise of Toronto's only active-treatment Catholic hospital; still others agreed that SMH had betrayed its mission.
The only problem is that he is merely placating us, because he never takes care of whatever it was that got us upset in the first place.