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This, again, is a religious system of placations in which local Divinities cannot rely on their own inheritors spontaneously to be moved to perform that service which is necessary if a Dreaming is not finally to 'go in', descending into a place of non-utterance, eventual namelessness and, therefore, of worldly oblivion.
The bold analysis of the Mattachine Society at its founding in 1951 gave way within a few years to the patient placations of later Mattachine; the anarchic, visionary demands of the 1970 Gay Liberation Front were soon abandoned in favor of orderly lobbying for legal reforms; the fervor and fury of ACT UP in the eighties had by the mid- nineties yielded the organizational spotlight to the Human Rights Campaign, with its surreal endorsement of Alfonse D'Amato in his last, losing bid for re-election to the Senate.
The concern of many Protestant evangelicals - that the price of the proposed ecumenism is the renunciation of the great biblical truths of the Reformation - appears, in spite of the placations of J.J.