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Our insensitivity to this problem of one-sidedness poses a serious threat to the peaceful and placatory environment of the society.
Garry Wills argues that Obama's political style has always involved being placatory and conciliatory (2010).
The situation was finally rescued by a series of time-consuming and placatory diplomatic initiatives managed by the Unit's Chief, Donald A.
The state indulges in placatory politics, subsidizing foodstuff, housing, and social benefits to the society.
105) In 2003-04, the Ombudsman reported a 'greatly improved' standard of record-keeping in NSW Police, (106) but in the 2005-06 annual report the Ombudsman used a less placatory construction to observe that:
After placatory words, the message in a way taunts the rulers that if they are so hungry for dollars, people of NW would collect $2 billion for them to restrain them from launching an anti-people operation.
For various placatory and benumbing drugs they had given her scripts, which I had filled.
Here is the link between witching and economic exploitation (either through subsistence begging, placatory gifts or securing employment for male family members); the link between the moral and magical economy; the paradoxical role of the witch as scapegoat and benefactor; and the function of prophesy and cursing.
For a more placatory view compare Edmundson, Towards Reading Freud, p.
It included an article by Audrey Herbert, 'The Real Aggressor,' which argued for a placatory attitude toward the Soviets, and lambasted the real enemy as those conservatives "who are calling for lower taxes and less government control, while on the other they are calling for a virtual holy war against Russia and China, with all the costliness, death and statism that such a war would necessarily entail.
Nevertheless, in a placatory gesture typical of the early modern woman writer, she simultaneously disavows her desire to court public attention.
The placatory ritual of submission is central to Venice Preserv'd, and its social archaeology is particularly well displayed at the end of the third act, when the conspirators rightly suspect Jaffeir, and want to kill him, until Pierre deludedly dissuades them.