place against

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References in classic literature ?
All they wanted was a good watch and food; for, short of a complete surprise, they might have held the place against a regiment.
But, less inexorable than iron, steal, and brass, it brought its varying seasons even into that wilderness of smoke and brick, and made the only stand that ever was made in the place against its direful uniformity.
Then he rolled a huge stone to the mouth of the cave--so huge that two and twenty strong four-wheeled waggons would not be enough to draw it from its place against the doorway.
As soon as he had put the stone back to its place against the door, he sat down, milked his ewes and his goats all quite rightly, and then let each have her own young one; when he had got through with all this work, he gripped up two more of my men, and made his supper off them.
But I think I can still hold my place against the other servants -- I think I can still look the parlor-maid whom Admiral Bartram wants.
I chiefly wonder what he'll be, when he leaves Doctor Strong's, and what mankind will do to maintain any place against him.
There will be a large vacant spot around the pulpit, which I do not mean to place against the wall, like a sentry-box stuck up on the side of a fort.
A faint light glimmered through a ground-glass pane over the door; and was dimly reflected by the toilet mirror, in its usual place against the window.
the place against the nut-tree; and I could hear it crying at every step.
Methinks a company of school lads could hold this place against an army," quoth John.
23 ( ANI ): Protests in many Canada-based gurudwaras are taking place against the announcement by Gurpreet Singh Bal, President of the Dixie Road Gurudwara Management Committee, banning the entry of Indian officials.
Islamabad -- House Building Finance Corporation Limited (HBFCL) has not taken any action on an application of a female officer of the organization against harassment at work place against her the Branch Manager Mian Abdul Khaliq.