place control

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Ours is a revolutionary company that embraces outside-the-box thinking as a consumer advocate, and Everest is staged to blaze more trails as we continue to place control in the hands of the consumers for whom we advocate.
Working with logistics providers and design teams at these multiple sites, Adaptec was able to put in place control levers to respond promptly to market disruptions.
With SECURED for Internet, we have been able to neutralize buffer overflow attacks and place control back in the hands of our customers, enabling safe e-business.
The software also allows the designer to create "play" and "stop" buttons that place control of the animation in the hands of the visitor.
The new zoning will place controls on zoning lot mergers and constrain the transfer of unused development rights from existing buildings.
We've had much discussion relating to the problems that affected Enron and, while we don't see ourselves operating a similar type of business, our discussions have helped ensure we have in place controls that prevent similar problems from occurring here.