place limitations

See: border, bound, clog
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Once connected, parents have a wide range of controls they can use to place limitations on screen time and usage.
The proposed legislation seeks to amend the School Act to place limitations on the fees charged by school boards for student transportation, textbooks, and instructional fees.
Federal law, state law and/or insurance carrier requirements may prohibit or place limitations on marketing activities.
This expectation may prove challenging in the context of lending programs that place limitations on portfolio transfers for a variety of valid reasons.
Cornyn's bill also would expand the use of federal grants aimed at improving relations between law enforcement agencies and the communities they protect; allow officers to carry firearms in federal buildings and other places where they are currently prohibited; and place limitations on the appeals process for convicted murderers of police officers.
Putting in place limitations on exposure to any single counterparty, including sovereigns, makes perfect sense.
Clinton is adroit at pretending to place limitations (however meager) on abortion but if you listen with even one ear you hear that she is, like Sen.
Having too many separate suppliers--with their own particular interests--can make problem-solving during servicing more complicated and place limitations on optimizing the system as a whole.
In particular, package restrictions and the ability to revoke access enables users to, if necessary, place limitations on what recipients can do with the information that is shared with them.
Living HIV-positive does not place limitations on a person's success or ability to live out a dream.
The modular reactors, generally rated at 300 megawatts electric or less compared to a typical nuclear power plant of 1,000 or more megawatts, would help energy providers meet Environmental Protection Agency rules under consideration that place limitations on carbon emissions.
If the public, for example, is concerned about the future use of the building by a private enterprise, the RFP can place limitations on how the Sugden block may be used down the road.