place limitations

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And the fact that so many new companies visit our web site every day is a testament to the fact that our approach to technology and content as a single, cohesive and fully-integrated learning solution stands out as really unique in this crowded marketplace where most vendors are content to deliver a technology platform that place limitations on content.
Having too many separate suppliers--with their own particular interests--can make problem-solving during servicing more complicated and place limitations on optimizing the system as a whole.
In particular, package restrictions and the ability to revoke access enables users to, if necessary, place limitations on what recipients can do with the information that is shared with them.
Living HIV-positive does not place limitations on a person's success or ability to live out a dream.
UNDP%s NHDR in 2012 drew attention to some of the issues faced by young people lack of quality education, skills and job training to access the labour market; lack of employment opportunities particularly outside of traditional livelihoods; and lack of access to health services which effectively place limitations on realizing their full potential.
If the public, for example, is concerned about the future use of the building by a private enterprise, the RFP can place limitations on how the Sugden block may be used down the road.
Parents who place limitations can stop children realising their potential and reaching for the highest heights.
I will support a bill that would broaden the scope of our current petroleum sanctions, place limitations on trade with strategic sectors of the Iranian economy that support its nuclear ambitions, as well as pursue those who divert goods to Iran," he said.
The internal rivalry that took place back in 2004 place limitations on Eucalan's powers over the PKK, back then there were two rival groups in the PKK.
Place limitations on them and you'll find the key to freedom.
Washington has acknowledged a link between offensive and defensive nuclear arsenals but has said the new treaty will not place limitations on missile defense, which would severely jeopardize chances of the U.
But a total hip replacement at his relatively young age and level of conditioning would place limitations on his activities.