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A sullen murmur rose louder and louder about the packed coliseum, and then Kantos Kan, who had not left the platform since first he had taken his place near me, raised his hand for silence.
There was no place near us which would in any way answer our purpose, so turning our backs upon Nukuheva, we commenced exploring the unknown regions which lay upon the other side of the mountain.
He had to fight often in these days to fight for a place near the factory gates, and now and again with gangs on the street.
Bertram set off for , and Miss Crawford was prepared to find a great chasm in their society, and to miss him decidedly in the meetings which were now becoming almost daily between the families; and on their all dining together at the Park soon after his going, she retook her chosen place near the bottom of the table, fully expecting to feel a most melancholy difference in the change of masters.
Having seen everything safely out, discharged the servant, and locked the door, Nicholas jumped into a cabriolet and drove to a bye place near Golden Square where he had appointed to meet Noggs; and so quickly had everything been done, that it was barely half-past nine when he reached the place of meeting.
I drew a great couch out of its place near the corner, so that as I lay, I could look at the lovely view to east and south,and unthinking of and uncaring for the dust, composed myself for sleep.
De Guiche and Bragelonne lightly mounted the ladder on the starboard side, and conducted by the Duke of Norfolk, who resumed his place near them, they approached to offer their homage to the princesses.
We remained at Weybridge until midday, and at that hour we found ourselves at the place near Shepperton Lock where the Wey and Thames join.
CAIRO, July 11 (KUNA) -- Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Al-Araby vehemently condemned the bomb explosion that took place near the Italian consulate in Cairo early Saturday.
PESHAWAR -- An explosion took place near Haleem Tower at GT Road on Friday.
Saltburn Farmers' Market takes place near the town's railway station between 9am-2pm tomorrow, with Stockton's Christmas special between 9am-3pm on High Street on Saturday, December 20.
According to an RTA official, who spoke to Khaleej Times on condition of anonymity, the incident took place near Knowledge Village.