place of abode

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His place of abode was in Staffordshire, on a morsel of freehold land of his own--appropriately called Salt Patch.
Our poor place of abode, our humble calling, our assumed relationship, and our assumed name, are all used alike as a means of hiding us in the house-forest of London.
To say the truth, I believe the youth himself would, from some prudent considerations, have preferred another place of abode at this time, had his terror on Sophia's account given him liberty to reflect a moment on what any otherways concerned himself, than as his love made him partake whatever affected her.
They had no strength with which to earn a living in a strange place and among strange people, even if they had been sure where to find a new place of abode.
So little did she know of him that she was even ignorant at that moment of his place of abode.
She mentioned a common name, and an unknown and distant place of abode, but told me they were now on the Continent, and their present address was unknown to her.
Her inducement to come to me, relying on my confidence, had been the hope that I could tell her the name and place of abode.
Holders of EURO RESSOURCES shares having their place of residence, registered office or habitual place of abode in the United States are also directed to see Section 2.
THE DISTRICT COURT DUBLIN METROPOLITAN DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT AREA OF DUBLIN DISTRICT NO: LICENSING ACTS 1833 TO 2011 PUBLIC HOUSE (IRELAND) ACT, 1855 SECTION 1 THE LICENSING ACT (IRELAND) 1874, SECTION 10 As Amended by Substitution in the First Schedule to the Courts (No2) Act 1986 INTOXICATING LIQUOR ACT 1960 SECTION 29 THE DISTRICT COURT RULES 1997 ORDER 79 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF TRANSFER OF LICENCE DOMINIC LYDON APPLICANT THE CAPEL BAR, 2 GREEN STREET, DUBLIN 7 PREMISES TAKE NOTICE that Dominic Lydon whose place of abode is at 10 Mary's Road, Galway intends to apply to the Annual Licensing District Court on the 9th day of November 2015 at Court 23, Ground Floor, Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Inns Quay, Dublin 7 at 10.
A qualified individual is the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse, a co-owner of the property, or a person whose principal place of abode is in the same household as the taxpayer (Regs.
75) The court quickly dismissed the possibility that the power of attorney granted such authority, noting that "the power of attorney must be strictly construed" and since "no power to choose her place of abode [was] designated," the agents did not have any such power.
To make the earth a safe place of abode for all His creations He created layers in its interior: Crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.