place of birth

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Allowing the affected passports to list Israel as the place of birth would be regarded internationally as a reversal of US policy on Jerusalem, Verrilli said.
Romney's aide Kevin Madden has since released a statement to the media in an effort to prevent any speculation that the GOP's top man himself has doubts about his rival's place of birth.
This paper describes a study undertaken to compare how frequently the planned place of birth matched the actual place of birth for a cohort of low risk women in the care of midwives and to identify whether ethnicity influences women's choices in relation to planned place of birth.
Tell Frank your star si gn and time, date and place of birth.
Men's responses were not related to their place of birth.
Mr Veffer asked for a judicial review of that decision and an order forcing the Passport Office to add Israel to his place of birth information.
The identity thief obtains vital data about his or her victim--Social Security Number, credit card account numbers, date and place of birth, etc.
A few locals ramble about--those who have decided to stay because they could never adapt to living far from their place of birth.
These insist anyone carrying Euro 10,000 cash or more in or out of the EU "shall declare that sum to the competent authorities" along with the travellers' name, nationality, date and place of birth, the cash's owner, its intended recipient and use, the amount, its source and whether notes or other payment instruments are being used.
The RFID microchips store basic data, including the passport holder's name, date of birth, and place of birth.