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PLACE OF BUSINESS. The place where a man usually transacts his affairs or business. When a man keeps a store, shop, counting room or office, independently and distinctly from all other persons, that is deemed his place of business 3 and when he usually transacts his business at the counting house, office, and the like, occupied and used by another, that will also be considered his place of business, if he has no independent place of his own. But when he has no particular right to use a place for such private purpose, as in an insurance office, in exchange room, banking room, a post office, and the like, where persons generally resort, these will not be considered as the party's place of business, although he may occasionally or transiently transact business there. 2 Pet. R. 121; 10 John. 501; 11 John. 231; 1 Pet. S. C. R. 582; 16 Pick. 392.
     2. It is a general rule that a notice of the non-acceptance or non- payment of a bill, or of the non-payment of a note, may be sent either to the domicil or place of business of the person to be affected by such notice, and the fact that one is in one town and the other in the other will make no difference, and the holder has his election to send to either. A notice to partners may be left at the place of business of the firm or of any one of the partners. Story on Pr. Notes, Sec. 312.

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Paragraphs 41 and 42 of the Commentary would address the situations in which a parent may be found to have a PE in a State where its subsidiary has a place of business, including having space available in the subsidiary's fixed place of business (FPOB).
constitutes a fixed place of business, (11) thereby potentially subjecting the foreign person's income generated through the ISP to U.
Supreme Court narrowly construed the principal place of business definition in a landmark case, Commissioner v.
While Walker's residence was not established as his principal place of business under the home-office deduction standards, it was established as his regular place of business under the language of revenue ruling 90-23.
Under the Supreme Court's more restrictive facts-and-circumstances test, the two primary considerations used to determine whether a home office was a taxpayer's principal place of business were the relative importance of the activities performed at each business location and the time spent at each place.
If a taxpayer's residence is his or her principal place of business under section 280A(c)(1)(A), he or she may deduct daily transportation expenses incurred between the residence and another work location in the same trade or business, regardless of whether the other work location is regular or temporary and regardless of the distance.
Curphey, 73 TC 766 (1980), the Tax Court held that daily transportation expenses incurred in a rental business by a dermatologist in going between an office in his residence and other work locations (the rental units) were deductible when the home office was his principal place of business (see also John Gosling, TC Memo 1999-148, and Valerie Jean Genck, TC Memo 1998-105).
Since the relative importance of the work done at each location is essentially equal, the IRS applies the "time" test and decides his home office is the principal place of business.
Delaware's broad definition of "holder" would encompass, for example, an LLC organized ("created") in Delaware but with a principal place of business located in Montana, a state that follows the 1995 Uniform Act.
The home office must be the principal place of business.
Dublin 13 d13r2v6 & (c)John Dempsey safety management services ltd having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at newtown, kilmuckridge, gorey, co.
As a place of business used to meet with patients, clients or customers in the normal course of the taxpayer's trade or business; or