place of commerce

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These works are allotted in the following way: - lot 1: Sanitation - roads - paving, - lot 2: Flexible networks - lighting - tricolor light signaling, - lot 4: Watering - green areas the project consists of redeveloping public space in the area of downtown nantes between the 50 hostages and the place de la petite hollande on the one hand and between le feydeau and the place of commerce (included) on the other hand.
Meanwhile, Tainan, the country's oldest city and former capital, is a modern place of commerce and trade that is rich in history and culture.
He continued, "The Internet was a vibrant place of commerce and public discourse before the rules ever took effect and will continue to flourish after we discard this unnecessary and harmful regulatory overhang."
Aspley was a throbbing vital place of commerce and The Wharf Inn was at its heart.
From its early recorded days as a territory, Arkansas served as a place of commerce and opportunity for those brave enough to explore the unknown.
Students have complained that while the prospectus says they can consider Accountancy in place of Commerce, there is no clarity on Business Studies.
The web is more and more "the" place of commerce and philanthropic activity is increasingly following suit.
Mracek's elderly Indonesian interviewees remembered the street as a place of commerce, filled with the bells and cries of hawkers.
The Cabinet appointed Saleh Al-Rasheed, director general of Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon), a member of the board of directors of Saudi Industrial Development Fund, in place of Commerce and Industry Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah.
One of the charmsI guess you'd have to call itof New Orleans is the modest place of commerce in the city's life outside the French Quarter.
The reason why is easy to see, Coventry was a place of commerce and industry.
Always a place of commerce, Leipzig has fundamentally shaped the history of Saxony and of Germany.