place of concealment

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She stumbled once, not far from my place of concealment, and after the balance of the party had passed me.
Full of reflections upon this important decision, he crept from his place of concealment, and, under cover of the shrubs before mentioned, approached the house.
Detailed instructions were added relative to the address of a reply, which, although they betrayed the intervention of several hands, and made it difficult to arrive at any very probable conclusion in reference to her place of concealment, made it at least not unlikely that she had written from that spot where she was stated to have been seen.
Secure, however, in the inscrutability of my place of concealment, I felt no embarrassment whatever.
Tublat, however, was close upon his heels, so that he had no opportunity to seek a place of concealment, but saw that he would be put to it to escape at all.
Meg Anthony, director, Insole Court, said "These small, painstaking drawings offer a remarkable insight into the imagery that has featured in Cerys' journey from a place of concealment to exposure.
Dr Rodgers said he was in agreement that Janet's body was "probably dragged feet first" and had been lying face down for a period of time before being moved to a place of concealment within 12 hours of death.
Your buddy goes fishing for the weekend and returns to find the pistol missing from its "special place of concealment.
Their choice place of concealment was in a pocket of their outer clothing, with quick retrieval as their primary concern.