place of deposit

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Coasting craft would be built and fitted out, also at the mouth of the Columbia, to trade, at favorable seasons, all along the northwest coast, and return, with the proceeds of their voyages, to this place of deposit.
The transport is performed by the collection service contract with the member to the place of deposit defined by the lot owner.
It warned that unless considerable improvements were made in the next five years then Sandwells status as a Place of Deposit would be at some risk.
local time at the place of deposit, on February 14, 2002 unless further extended or withdrawn.
local time at the place of deposit on January 9, 1998, the expiration date for the issuer bid, unless extended.
The Offer is scheduled to expire at 7:00 local time at the place of deposit on May 21, 1999.
Contract award notice: the client purchased a new truck with short cab and chassis to which builds container cylindrical in shape with a rounded grating and all the necessary equipment whose ultimate purpose of cleaning and to eliminate or reduce impurities from sewage pipes and deliver them to the place of deposit.
Description : Ould Yenge of the town faces a major safety problem, populations suffer enormously and animals die and river Karokoro became the place of deposit of garbage.
Shareholders who have already tendered to the Saxon bid have the right to withdraw their shares on or before 12:00 midnight local time, at the place of deposit, on April 8, 1997.
it also includes the delivery of the equipment in a place of deposit designated in the order, to recover and transport hard at work, including any handling, removal of the old signaling and transport in the premises of the company; rehabilitation neat places, the supply and implementation of the signaling equipment Construction in compliance with safety regulations in force.