place of detention

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The Hobo, my dear fellow, is the name for that particular place of detention in city and county jails wherein are assembled tramps, drunks, beggars, and the riff-raff of petty offenders.
Maidstone jail is a safer place of detention,' observed Traddles;
The report also says that the police should no longer use the "16 Flight" aircraft hangar as a place of detention, expressing particular concern about the detention of young children and infants there.
She said the NBI custodial center in Manila would give her a 'secured and more restricted' place of detention.
EU Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief outside the EU, Jan Figel, was allowed by the Sudanese authorities to meet with Mudawi in his place of detention during a visit to Khartoum in March 2017.
A cop, topping the MQMs hate-list, has been suspended for violating the Sindh Assembly rules whereas in fact and to his account SSP Rao Anwar hasnt violated the laws, which clearly states; When a member is arrested on a criminal charge or far a criminal offence or is sentenced to imprisonment by a court or is detained under an executive order, the committing judge, magistrate or executive authority, as the case may be, shall immediately intimate such fact to the speaker indicating the reasons for the arrest, detention or conviction, as the case may be, as also place of detention or imprisonment of the member in the appropriate form set out in the fourth schedule.
He added that the liberation process of the kidnapped people was carried out after raiding their place of detention," adding that the kidnappers had fled to an unknown destination.
The Laude family said that the agreement should be declared unconstitutional because "the BuCor has no statutory authority to designate another place of detention for 'national prisoners,' apart from the NBP and other national penal institutions.
During its Sunday session, the Council of Ministers, arrived at a decision to adopt electronic tagging for convicts placed under house arrest, in place of detention.
accompanying her arrived at the place of detention, the EU mission was not allowed to prisoners.
The defendants' lawyer, Mohamed Ramadan, told Daily News Egypt: "They are now in Al-Labban police station, which is not their normal place of detention.
throughout the offensive, nor any information about their place of detention,