place of imprisonment

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She prayed the court that she be enabled to meet the convict for whereabouts of place of imprisonment, charges and proceedings in military court and to set aside the death sentence and declaration of military court's verdict illegal, void and malafide.
First, in both the United States and international paradigms, nonjudicial bodies designate the place of imprisonment.
or international institution designates a particular place of imprisonment.
The specific place of imprisonment strikes at the heart of incapacitation.
This Article will use the terms prison location, place of imprisonment, and imprisonment location interchangeably.
235, 243 (2011) ("Congress specifically required that the Bureau of Prisons, under [section] 3621(b), designate an inmate's place of imprisonment, but granted the agency the discretion to determine the appropriate facility.
For example, generally state legislatures endow state correctional officials with designation authority, leaving courts without authority to specify a particular place of imprisonment.
Whatever those keys represented in the past, they speak to me of the role of faith in unlocking doors that help people move out of the place of imprisonment into a place of freedom.
During her English exile, Mary was forever being shifted from one place of imprisonment (house arrest is probably a more accurate term) to another, and it was Paulet's task to survey each location in advance to assess its suitability.
Commenting on the inclusion of his former place of imprisonment, Nanbao Salt Works, in the D&B list, Wei stated, "At Nanbao, political criminals and other criminals labor as slaves -- with no income, no job safety -- and make this enterprise one of the largest salt chemical factories in Asia.
One cannot think of challenging the central place of imprisonment in modern systems of punishment without changing the penal system as a whole.