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Protected geographical indications can also improve the image of the place of origin, thus promoting tourism and creating jobs.
1 per cent of respondents possessed cot at the place of origin, whereas only 4.
This report provides you with a breakdown of market data including data on typical holiday entitlement of employees, total population by age and sex, households by income group, trips by season, trips by residents by type, average length of tourism trips by type, international arrivals by place of origin, international arrivals by purpose of visit, international departures by region of origin, international departures by purpose of visit, total expenditure of inbound tourists by sector and total expenditure of outbound tourists by sector
If Turkish Cypriot products have Turkey as their place of origin, we would not have to pay up to 40 percent of customs duties.
In an astute observation about American identities, Nash points out that to find the actual place of origin is not only deeply satisfying, it also gives one a higher status in an American "culture of competitive authenticity.
Given that more and more producers will be choosing to label their food with a place of origin in response to consumer demand, it is becoming ever more important to understand the strict criteria laid down by which a business can make a country of origin declaration.
A campaign to force restaurants serving the dish to refer to the city as its place of origin has been launched.
Its place of origin isn't surprising since the region produced vast quantities of glassware for the Romans for more than 400 years.
Prejudice against such types are strong in her place of origin, and the thought of being so common is a devastating thought.
Half Vietnamese and half African-American, she has little clue as to where her place of origin truly lies.
On April 7, 2005, these unmarked canisters were transported from their place of origin without any supporting documentation as to the nature of the canisters or their contents.
It includes a new feature, source-based routing, that makes it possible to route interactions based on their place of origin.