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Although she finds that gender, religion, place of origin and skill play an important role in helping workers to unite, and that workers frequently seek to pursue their interests through legal and political channels, she argues that these are facilitating rather than inhibiting factors in building solidarity and focuses on two types of protest that she characterizes as Marx-type and Polanyi-type protests.
1 per cent of respondents possessed cot at the place of origin, whereas only 4.
If Turkish Cypriot products have Turkey as their place of origin, we would not have to pay up to 40 percent of customs duties.
In an astute observation about American identities, Nash points out that to find the actual place of origin is not only deeply satisfying, it also gives one a higher status in an American "culture of competitive authenticity.
Given that more and more producers will be choosing to label their food with a place of origin in response to consumer demand, it is becoming ever more important to understand the strict criteria laid down by which a business can make a country of origin declaration.
Prejudice against such types are strong in her place of origin, and the thought of being so common is a devastating thought.
Half Vietnamese and half African-American, she has little clue as to where her place of origin truly lies.
In Arabic the cloth was known as {lsquo}att[macron over a]b[macron over i], from Al-{lsquo}Att[macron over a]b[macron over i]ya, the name of its place of origin.
It includes a new feature, source-based routing, that makes it possible to route interactions based on their place of origin.
A proposal by the prime minister calls for the consolidation of five laws governing food labeling and the requirement that all processed foods label their ingredients' place of origin.
Japan to Enact Tougher Food Labeling Law: Because of a recent food poisoning outbreak triggered by pesticide-tainted Chinese dumplings and a rash of food labeling misrepresentations by Japanese food manufacturers, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's Cabinet has decided to enact a new, tougher food labeling law that would require extensive place of origin rules and carry stiff penalties for violators, Cabinet Office officials said Feb.
Alberta's statutory list is typical: race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, and family status.