place of protection

See: refuge
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For centuries it was a place of protection and escape from the imposing power of the surrounding peaks.
Her mother visits her, often reassuring her that the tower is not a prison but place of protection.
Instead of being a place of protection, the home is dwelling of the ghost.
LAHORE, October 02, 2009 (Frontier Star): Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Muhammad Pervez Rathore has directed Lahore police to transform all police stations into centres for service of the citizens, in accordance with the vision of Chief Minister Punjab, and should heed to complaints of the common man in such a way as to make the people realize that policemen have made police stations a place of protection and sanctuary for them in real sense.
1 : a place of protection and shelter <They sought asylum from the storm.
Europe will therefore show that it is a welcoming place of protection and generosity," insisted the German minister.