place of refuge

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My place of refuge was constructed of wood, but so low that I could with difficulty sit upright in it.
After some time, they left their place of refuge from the weather, and mingled with the concourse.
Surely he would prefer writing to Miss Giles to join him when he got to a safe place of refuge, rather than encumber himself with the young lady before he was well out of reach of the far-stretching arm of the law.
Sedley would commonly be induced to come out from his place of refuge in the upper stories, and there would be a small family party, whereof Major Dobbin pretty generally formed one.
The traces of many different struggles were to be seen, between the spot where the first blood was spilt and the thicket to which it was now generally believed Asa had retreated, as a place of refuge.
A nice way to answer a man, to call him "Sir," and to get behind his rank as if it was a place of refuge from him
I am sorry the chair could not betake itself to some more suitable place of refuge," said Laurence.
My first was to secure some safe place of refuge, and to make myself such arms of metal or stone as I could contrive.
This was to be our headquarters for the time--our place of refuge against sudden danger and the guard-house for our stores.
Besides we have a sure place of refuge hard by if he should be coming in good earnest.
Originally sparked by an in-flight ad for the Amsterdam-based American Book Center, Books@Cafe is known as a place of refuge itself, hiring employees of all nationalities, races, religions, and backgrounds and creating a sense of community for all, whether a passing tourist, an eager Arabic-language student, or an Amman local.
She pointed out that most films focus on issues and topics on children's interest while introducing the audience of cinema to how people see things and events happening around them, including the turbulent conditions in war-torn countries and place of refuge.