place of refuge

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Sometimes a whole city which stood in need of being repeopled was temporarily created a place of refuge.
If there is no place of refuge, they will stand firm.
My first was to secure some safe place of refuge, and to make myself such arms of metal or stone as I could contrive.
It has been a custom with princes, in order to hold their states more securely, to build fortresses that may serve as a bridle and bit to those who might design to work against them, and as a place of refuge from a first attack.
My place of refuge was constructed of wood, but so low that I could with difficulty sit upright in it.
I am sorry the chair could not betake itself to some more suitable place of refuge," said Laurence.
She emphasized those words by shaking her brawny fist at her son--who instantly returned to his place of refuge behind the tail of my coat.
To obviate that, he at length consented to have one wing of the old hall put into a habitable condition, as a place of refuge against a time of need; but hoped I would not take advantage of it unless circumstances should render it really necessary, which I was ready enough to promise: for though, for my own sake, such a hermitage appears like paradise itself, compared with my present situation, yet for my friends' sakes, for Milicent and Esther, my sisters in heart and affection, for the poor tenants of Grassdale, and, above all, for my aunt, I will stay if I possibly can.
It is questionable whether old John Willet, even then, would have thought of the rioters but for the cries of his cook and housemaid, who ran screaming upstairs and locked themselves into one of the old garrets,--shrieking dismally when they had done so, by way of rendering their place of refuge perfectly secret and secure.
Because," I added, "if my surmises are correct, and if I have well understood the Captain's existence, the Nautilus is not only a vessel: it is also a place of refuge for those who, like its commander, have broken every tie upon earth.
Besides we have a sure place of refuge hard by if he should be coming in good earnest.
After some time, they left their place of refuge from the weather, and mingled with the concourse.