place of safety

See: cache, haven, refuge
References in classic literature ?
Monsieur du Verger, help me to place this man in a place of safety.
I only seek, just now, to have him consigned to a place of safety.
With these, and other muttered reflections of the like nature, the Jew once more deposited the watch in its place of safety.
In the meantime, Duncan saw Alice to a place of safety, and then sought the scout, with a countenance that denoted how eagerly he also panted for the approaching contest.
The inevitable happened and the child was also physically assaulted in what should have been a place of safety.
Campaigner Russ McLean, of the Pennine Lancashire Patient Voices Group said: "Patients have serious, complex issues and will be taken from their place of safety.
Day after day, I am nearly brought to tears when I see these tired, scared, vulnerable, shell-shocked people try anything they can to get to a place of safety.
This boat symbolises the plight of the refugees, risking all to get to a place of safety.
A police spokeswoman said a man was detained close to Belmangate and taken to a place of safety at about 4.
The rise may partly be down to the fact we are more attuned to the needs of people with mental health issues and we are more likely to take them to a place of safety rather than take them into custody.
The Mental Health Act gives police powers to take people who appear to be suffering from a mental disorder to a place of safety for assessment for up to 72 hours.
But we need a plan to get these people off that mountain and get them to a place of safety," he added.