place of settlement

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And We said, "Go down, [all of you], as enemies to one another, and you will have upon the earth a place of settlement and provision for a time.
It was in effect a frontier town and place of settlement for displaced Greeks, Sikels and the landless of Erbita.
On arrival to Juba, these returnees, mainly women and children are provided with temporary accommodation until they are able to proceed to their final place of settlement.
Although most young respondents did not consider the place of settlement to be the "home" country, the proportion who did see the new land as home was higher than those among adults.
By 1601 every person had a place of settlement to which they belonged and were entitled to poor relief.
Settlement examinations were conducted up until 1795 for anyone who entered a parish without paperwork (settlement orders) meaning the applicant could be removed to their last place of settlement (removal orders).
According to Evans, colonial New Zealand, as it imposed itself upon the place of settlement, deployed various modalities of the sublime, including selflacerating complaints of Pakeha destruction of Maori and the land, or in more or less masochistic attempts to 'become Maori'.
Although 75% of respondents felt that their firm had the flexibility to define instruments in a way that matches business requirements - for example, being able to combine the identifier and place of settlement, or place of trading - 25% of these stated that it still required some manual intervention.
Many immigrant groups find it increasingly difficult to integrate into the Canadian labour market (Badets and Howatson-Lee 1999, Baker and Benjamin 1995, Bloom et al 1995), and place of settlement emerges as a defining element of the labour market experiences of immigrants (Ettlinger and Kwon 1994, Pendakur and Pendakur 1998, Hiebert 1999b).
In this paper I take a supply-side approach to explore the linkage between place of settlement and immigrant labour market performance.
The conditions under which the refugees fled (voluntary versus forced migration), the time of their exodus relative to the war and the organization of aid, the manner in which they arrived in the camps, and their place of settlement in the United States-- all of these factors created significant differences in the refugee experience and thus its musical expression.
This announcement does not take the place of settlement discussions with the government parties or any future steps in the legal process; however, we wanted to take immediate steps in light of the court's ruling.