place of settlement

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As soon as Sir Sagramor got well, he notified me that there was a little account to settle between us, and he named a day three or four years in the future; place of settlement, the lists where the offense had been given.
Foncire Logement seeks to attract priority households in these districts who do not meet the criteria for social housing resources and who have the choice of their place of settlement.
And We said, "Go down, [all of you], as enemies to one another, and you will have upon the earth a place of settlement and provision for a time.
Social, cultural and linguistic knowledge acquired and transferred across the Atlantic sea route by Italian migrants moving to the USA had created a migration map consisting of a shared corpus of oral and epistolary narratives, shared knowledge about survival strategies, known geographical locations, employment experiences and prospects, and the relative security of established intergenerational family nodes in a place of settlement that had evolved through successive patterns of chain migration.
This firmly-rooted sense of italianita and campanita lies at the heart of their sense of belonging in the new place of settlement, notwithstanding the fact that the experience of migration took place more than 50 years ago.
On arrival to Juba, these returnees, mainly women and children are provided with temporary accommodation until they are able to proceed to their final place of settlement.
Another serious problem is the national authorities' repeated expulsion of Roma from settlements, either due to non-payment of rent or because of the illegality of the place of settlement.
Although most young respondents did not consider the place of settlement to be the "home" country, the proportion who did see the new land as home was higher than those among adults.
By 1601 every person had a place of settlement to which they belonged and were entitled to poor relief.
According to Evans, colonial New Zealand, as it imposed itself upon the place of settlement, deployed various modalities of the sublime, including selflacerating complaints of Pakeha destruction of Maori and the land, or in more or less masochistic attempts to 'become Maori'.
Many immigrant groups find it increasingly difficult to integrate into the Canadian labour market (Badets and Howatson-Lee 1999, Baker and Benjamin 1995, Bloom et al 1995), and place of settlement emerges as a defining element of the labour market experiences of immigrants (Ettlinger and Kwon 1994, Pendakur and Pendakur 1998, Hiebert 1999b).
The conditions under which the refugees fled (voluntary versus forced migration), the time of their exodus relative to the war and the organization of aid, the manner in which they arrived in the camps, and their place of settlement in the United States-- all of these factors created significant differences in the refugee experience and thus its musical expression.