place of trade

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The agreement stipulates increasing the number of customs hours and the number of shifts, if necessary, on holidays, applying the specifications accepted by the two sides based on the agreements concluded, the development of sanitary and laboratory units and quarantine at the border posts, speeding the passage of vehicles, and transferring the place of trade to the border between the two countries and make joint efforts to prevent drug trafficking.
He also ordered that the dissolution certificate is served on Jamiu while he should stay away from the plaintiff's place of trade.
The scope includes public spaces located between the fifty hostages to ~ is and the stock market to ~ West, the Brancas aisles and Bourse north and ~ driveway Duguay-Trouin in the south, and the place of trade, on a total area of about 27 ~ 000 m2.
He said: "It has been drawn to my attention that premises I let to a commercial tenant, the site of my former legal practice, has been operated as a place of trade commonly referred to as a 'head shop'.
The building, which is used for the village's regular farmers' market, was an important place of trade in the Middle Ages, researchers have found.