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5 The Purchaser Reserves The Right To Place Parallel Rate Contracts.
The forum took place parallel to the session of the Bulgarian-Indian Intergovernmental Joint Commission for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, which is co-chaired by Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Delyan Dobrev.
In addition to the monetary penalty, Tyco and TVC ME agreed with the SEC, in the civil proceedings that took place parallel to the criminal proceedings, to pay compensation worth $ 13 million (total for both civil and criminal proceedings reached over $ 26 million).
At the Passive House Exhibition taking place parallel to the Conference, over a hundred exhibitors will present their products and solutions for Passive House new builds and retrofits.
True collaboration between administrators and teachers on the common goal of improved student achievement, grounded in analysis of student data and student work, should take place parallel to teacher evaluation and holds more promise for success.
An exhibition took place parallel to the conference where 18 producers and traders competed for the participant's attention, displaying their products and giving away coffee drinks for free.
Failure to establish a commission to conduct the plebiscite, originally scheduled to take place parallel to the southern vote, or agree or will be allowed to participate in the vote have raised fears that the dispute of the border area could bring the two side back into conflict.
The J8 summit, to be held from 4-10 July, is now in its 5th year and takes place parallel to the annual G-8 summit.
If the group has been around awhile, the renewal of Testament has taken place parallel to some of its members returning to the fold.
TWENTY YEARS AGO I argued that Warhol, whose films were then unseeable, occupied by his influence and by his absence a place parallel to that of Debord in film history.
A quality conference, which will take place parallel to Fish International, will address the topics logistics, trade and technology in workshops, talks and discussions.
As the Court set out in Welsh, 398 US at 340, "[I]f an individual deeply and sincerely holds beliefs that are purely ethical or moral in source and content but that nevertheless impose upon him a duty of conscience to refrain from participating in any war at any time, those beliefs certainly occupy in the life of that individual a place parallel to that filled by God in traditionally religious persons.