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This involves inserting a source of radiation into the prostate for a few minutes at a time to destroy the cancer cells but removed and not left in place permanently.
And all it took was a very familiar face to help her weight loss journey click into place permanently.
It said Iran would implement the Additional Protocol of the IAEA "temporarily," although that is a part that will remain in place permanently.
Most of the stitches have now been removed and she now has four stitches in each eye, which may be left in place permanently.
We're hoping to get off this merry-go-round and have these put in place permanently," Plague said.
Lamar Alexander (R-TN) that would offer legislation to keep the ban in place permanently.
Patrick said either the higher gas tax, or a vote to keep the turnpike tolls in place permanently after 2017, is needed to ensure that $135 million in additional revenue is produced starting in 2017.
This comes in respect of laws and legislations, whereby no one can remain in the same place permanently," added Reefy.
Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are forms for making cast in place concrete walls where the form stays in place permanently and becomes the insulation for the building.
Whether it will be Scott who takes up the place permanently remains to be seen.
We would intend to try and get someone in place permanently by the European Championships," said Horne.
The committee imposed conditions including that the bar must now have two knife-detecting arches in place permanently and two personal licence holders on site at all times.