place the responsibility for

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The river was there, deep, dark and silent, and he could place the responsibility for her loss upon Muda Saffir.
He told ABC News affiliate KSWO that the federal government is attempting to change the traditional definition of marriage, so his legislation would place the responsibility for officiating marriages in the hands of clergy.
We can no longer place the responsibility for adverse health outcomes solely on individuals and expect programs based primarily on individual health behaviors to eradicate the considerable racial/ethnic health care disparities that continue to exist in the United States today.
Speaking in the Commons, Newcastle Central MP Jim Cousins said: "That is a heavy burden and councils place the responsibility for it at the door of the Government's formula rent guidelines.
Choosing health" refers to views that place the responsibility for health on individual behavior rather than society.
Many place the responsibility for the movement toward globalization squarely on the shoulders of the US, but is it prepared to support the effort in terms of education about the world?
Thus, the ideal system would place the responsibility for learning and using the technology on the facilitators, not the participants.
This classification plays nicely to Leria's theoretical argument and leads to an analysis that examines policies that she claims place the responsibility for childcare squarely within the domain of the state.
Teachers also may place the responsibility for improvement on the student and perhaps avoid negative emotional reactions directed toward themselves following punishment, "I'm sorry you didn't practice this week, Now you cannot get a sticker.
In Europe and Japan, mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) directives have been introduced in order to place the responsibility for the recycling of products and related materials at end-of-life back to the product manufacturers.
In repeating this accusation Wharton appears to have accepted the medical professions' tendency in the modern era to perceive that ailments are caused by complex interactions among biological and social phenomenan, but to place the responsibility for overcoming these societally created diseases on the shoulders of individual sufferers.
Aryeh Zaritsky, who stated there undoubtedly was a conspiracy among close Rabin aides to discredit the right-wing camp, working to place the responsibility for the Nov.