place where one lives

See: domicile, home
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The trend is to make the place of work the same place where one lives.
The city becomes a public shared space that, in addition to containing the apartment where one sleeps, becomes a place where one lives.
Achieving harmony at the workplace and the place where one lives can bring in positive changes in life, he said.
Each voice provides a distinct snapshot, a single life that on its own seems insignificant and faint, but when added to almost fifty others, the insistent call to take care of the place where one lives cannot help but be heard.
The street has long been a place where one lives and a place where one travels, something that divides and something that connects, both a boundary and a suture.
The place where one lives not only provides a connection to a geographic location but "emotionally binds us to that place as a function of its role as a setting for experience" (Rubinstein and Parmelee 1992:139).
But residence as defined in this same lexicon is "the place where one lives as distinguished from his domicile.