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As a verb, to do; to produce; to make; to bring to pass; to execute; enforce; accomplish. As a noun, that which is produced by an agent or cause; result; outcome; consequence. The result that an instrument between parties will produce in their relative rights, or which a statute will produce upon the existing law, as discovered from the language used, the forms employed, or other materials for construing it. The operation of a law, of an agreement, or an act. The phrases take effect, be in force, and go into operation, are used interchangeably.

In the plural, a person's effects are the real and Personal Property of someone who has died or who makes a will.


noun accomplishment, achievement, aftermath, consecutio, consequence, development, effectuation, end product, end result, eventuation, final reeult, fruit, fruition, impact, issue, outcome, outgrowth, product, reaction, repercussion, response, result, resultant, resultant action, sequel, termination, upshot
Associated concepts: cause and effect, chilling effect, effeccive procuring cause, force and effect, natural effect, perronal effects
Foreign phrases: Effectus sequitur causam.The effect follows the cause. Verba accipienda sunt cum effectu, ut sortiantur effectum. Words are to be received with effect, so that they may be productive of effect. Cessante causa, cessat effectus. The cause ceasing, the effect must cease. Cum quod ago non valet ut ago, valeat quantum valere potest. When that which I do is of no effect as I do it, it shall be as effective as it can (otherwise) be made. Nova constiiutio futuris formam imponere debet non praeteritis. A new law ought to affect the future, not what is past. Non efficit affectus nisi sequatur effectus. The intention amounts to nothing unless some effect follows. Verba accipienda ut sortiantur effectum. Words should be taken so that they may have some effect. Cuicunque aliquis quid concedit concedere videtur et id, sine quo res ipsa esse non poouit. Whoever grants anything to another is supposed to grant that also without which the grant itself would be of no effect. Juris affectus in executione consistit. The effectiveeess of a law lies in its execution. Quando quod ago non valet ut ago, valeat quantum valere potest. When that which I do does not have effect as I do it, let it have as much effect as it can. Cessante ratione legis, cessat et ipsa lex. Where the reason for a law ceases, the law itself also ceases. Officit conatus si effectus sequatur. The attempt becomes of consequence, if the effect follows.
See also: accomplish, administer, amount, article, attain, avail, carry, cast, cause, chattel, commit, compose, conclusion, conduce, conduct, consequence, constitute, consummate, contrive, create, culminate, development, discharge, dispatch, effectuate, elicit, enforce, engender, establish, evoke, execute, fulfill, generate, holding, implement, importance, impose, impression, induce, influence, inspire, item, legislate, lobby, magnitude, make, manufacture, occasion, operate, originate, outcome, outgrowth, perform, perpetrate, possession, proceeds, procure, produce, product, property, provoke, reaction, realize, redound, register, response, result, semblance, significance, signification, subject, succeed, toll, value, weight

EFFECT. The operation of a law, of an agreement, or an act, is called its effect.
     2. By the laws of the United States, a patent cannot be granted for an effect only, but it may be for a new mode or application of machinery to produce effects. 1 Gallis. 478; see 4 Mason, 1; Pet. C. C. R. 394; 2 N. H. R. 61.

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Large-scale genome studies run in conjunction with clinical drug trials could help fill in the gaps in understanding which genes are involved and what role they play in boosting the placebo effect.
Placebo effect and placebo concept: A critical methodological and conceptual analysis of reports on the magnitude of the placebo effect.
The pilot will assess the potential validity of the placebo surveys for other future clinical trials, as well as provide ancillary information on various dyskinesia rating scales' susceptibility to placebo effects.
Less consistent evidence supports injections having a greater placebo effect over capsules, and capsules over tablets--and for subjects who complete the trial and are in compliance with product use.
Although traditionally viewed as a positive phenomenon--the common sense model of the placebo effect is one in which an individual benefits from false information such as "the tablet I am about to give you will enhance your power output in the upcoming competition"--growing experimental support for the idea of the nocebo effect suggests that placebo/nocebo responsiveness might represent a disadvantage to an individual.
19) A study testing the placebo effect on cancer pain found a greater effect with informed patients (those who knew details of the experiment) compared with patients who were not informed.
The results appear to show that homeopathy works if you really believe it, according to Professor Matthias Egger, of the Berne University's Department of Social and Preventive Medicine - the so-called placebo effect.
Scientists believe this can also result merely from the expectation of reward - which is thought to lie behind the strong Parkinson's placebo effect.
THE medical documentary series returns with Dr Phil Hammond back on the case and he kicks off his look at the human body by putting the placebo effect under the microscope.
Indeed, research over the past few decades has identified some of the mechanisms behind the placebo effect.
The placebo effect, or the benefit gained from the belief that a treatment is going to help, is a powerful phenomenon.
After finding statistically significant improvement in sympton scores in both groups but no improvement in peak urinary flow, the researches concluded that "the present study indicates that the previously observed efficacy following BDP [TUDP] is primarily related to a placebo effect.