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While filing requirements are generally quite minimal for small placements, "a lot of companies get it wrong," says Tom Taulli, an investor, investment advisor and author in southern California who runs a Web site devoted to IPOs, www.
Reality shows such as ``The Apprentice,'' ``Survivor,'' and ``Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'' have made product placement so commonplace that the genre accounted for approximately half of what was placed on television shows last year, according to a study released Tuesday by custom media research firm PQ Media LLC.
What is the usefulness of drawings as a method of eliciting and documenting changing perceptions of preservice teachers before and after their initial field placement experience?
Private placement volume declined at a slower rate than the public market probably because of the consistent use of Rule 144A by corporations interested in obtaining financing, Rainess says.
The adoption of Rule 144A in 1990, which clarified the circumstances under which a privately placed security could be resold, has led to the development of a market segment for private placements that are not information intensive.
The same incentives need to be applied to job placement.
In the past year, APC has hired four investment professionals, completed five fund and private placement offerings and secured several high-quality domestic and international mandates," stated Joseph Herman, President of Atlantic-Pacific Capital.
PWI started with the idea that since it is business and industry that provide jobs, shouldn't they have a major role in job training and placement programs for people with disabilities?
Another recent development that may have an impact on middle-market issuers in the private market is Rule 144A, which permits qualified institutional investors to trade in private placements.
Staying involved with employers and clients during the initial employment period could be a useful strategy for ensuring successful placements and is central to the Innovative Placement Program.
In addition, subscribers will receive access to continually updated video examples of product placements worldwide, as well as PQ Media's Product Placement Cost Index.
7 percent reported that their companies don't do editorial or broadcast placements (paid or unpaid); and 21.