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This syndrome is characterized by visual agnosia (unable to recognize known objects), hypermetamorphosis, putting objects in the mouth, tactile exploratory behaviors, hypersexuality, placidity (decreased motor and verbal reaction against conditions that cause fear and anger), and memory disturbances.
She says, 'I try to capture feelings and joy of the moment, one frame at a time, I love nature, people and life itself so I try to capture the honest placidity of our existence.
Our goals are to maintain your safety and to facilitate your Umrah rituals with ease, tranquility and placidity.
The book also reminds us that roiling emotions lie just beneath the surface of apparent placidity.
She must sometimes have worn dresses other than long, but I can never remember her in anything but long, black, trailing dresses and pearls reflecting her white hair, spectacles mirroring her placidity. She would descend on us, over a puzzle or games, to announce pontifically, "If you will come to my room at three o'clock, I should like to read to you." And we appeared dutifully, were read to and dismissed, after a time, meek and quiet.
Handsome, debonair Connie formally presents his unlikely fiancee, Benita, "a strikingly pretty woman with the kind of flat, Nordic face that emanated placidity. Her blonde hair was plaited and wrapped around her head in the style so adored by the Nazis, a Wagnerian Brunhilde in an honest-to-God dirndl dress." The inauspicious introduction foretells a troubled friendship.
First of all, because by seeking to focus on subjects of all kinds on a daily basis, one acquires the placidity of
His mind is far nearer to the animal world than is that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animal's placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the state he has reached.
This placidity, however, is swept away by the sudden appearance of the Golden Deer, which she is first to see and to desire.
(66) Drawing on the work of Hyman Minski, he observes that whereas regulation often comes on the heels of economic shocks, the same regulation tends to be eroded away in times of market placidity. (67) He stresses the importance of accurately modeling these feedback loops in order to "allow the legal system to both reflect and shape market behavior." (68) Even if that endeavor is feasible, it would not necessarily inform this article's more limited examination of how regulatory law should change to control harm that could result from market change.
Situated within Midlands' exquisitely landscaped greenery, this masterfully designed place of worship provides one the placidity and stillness needed amid the frenzied, fast-paced lifestyle in the city.
The first is the interruption of placidity in which the animal senses human presence.