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Narasimhan believes that a way to handle plagiarism is to "devise projects and assignments that rely on original expression".
Direct Plagiarism: The whole text or a part of the text is copied word-for-word without citing or pointing out the source.
Different universities setup certain percentage of plagiarism. i.e.
He said the major objective was to ensure justice in plagiarism cases so that plagiarists were penalised and the innocent were not victimised.
'The plagiarism committee and high level committee had found plagiarism in his work,' he said.
In an another question, Chairman HEC Dr Banuri said the decision would be taken soon in remaining four high profile plagiarism cases after investigation.
To solve the problem of plagiarism, it is necessary to look beyond the symptoms and reach the root of it (Macdonald & Carroll, 2006).
Due to this reason, computational knowledge of plagiarism detection has now become an eminent research direction.
Arshad Saleem Bhatti was constituted to probe charges of Plagiarism against Prof.
The Taoyuan City Government has completed an investigation into allegations of plagiarism that emerged after a preliminary investment of NT$9,176,000 (US$306,000) for the Yongan Fishing Port and Cultural Park project was approved by the Office of Public Construction in late March.