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For the original works, see Samuel Butler, The Plagiary Exposed, or, An Old Answer to a Newly Revived Calumny Against the Memory of King Charles I being a Reply to a Book Intitled King Charles's Case, formerly written by John Cook of Grays Inn.
17) He also succeeded in the demanding dual role of Puff and Sir Fretful Plagiary in The Critic (1881), again with his own company.
109) Jonson, To Proule the Plagiary, Epigram 81, Epigrammes, eds Herford and Simpson, vol.
Her recovery of the colorful plagiary Barthelemy de Montagut, who won entry to the Buckingham circle through his "Louange de la danse"--a work largely lifted from an early draft of Francois de Lauze's Apologie--is particularly satisfying; other important figures (Confesse, the Lapierres, and Bocan) remain tantalizingly in the shadows.
We are able to identify instances of plagiary is mamongst our student community very quickly and effectively and deal with them as appropriate.
In 1808 he had expressed his delight in Mathews's performance as Sir Fretful Plagiary in The Critic, a performance also highly praised by the critic Leigh Hunt.
Following Maurice Bardeche, critics had long held the work to be a quasi plagiary of Maturin's Melmoth the Wanderer.
They may not check books or subscription services; they don't detect plagiary of ideas; and they can give false positives or, conversely, clear a paper without any real assurance that nothing has been copied.
So pervasive is the problem of plagiarism, there are numerous websites and even a new scholarly journal, Plagiary, which, according to the journal's associated website, was created: "To bring together the various strands of scholarship which already exist on the subject, and to create a forum for discussion across disciplinary boundaries" (Lesko, 2005).
A long note observes that 'our author' felt 'obliged to represent this gentleman as a Plagiary, or to pass for one himself', and he compares Moore-Smythe's case to that of a thief who, caught in the act of taking a handkerchief, allows the rightful owner to repossess it, only then to cry out 'See Gentlemen
In a delightful scene at the start of Richard Sheridan's comedy entitled The Critic (1781), the audience is treated to a dialogue between the aptly named title character, Sneer, and the equally aptly named playwright, Sir Fretful Plagiary.
Bastin Fabien Henri Andre, aged 48, of Calais, was detained on May 23 for distributing pamphlets entitled, Bible Copyright and Koran Plagiary, at a shopping centre in Ipoh, 125 miles north of Kuala Lumpur.