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In plain English," retorted the vicar, "you are conceited enough to think that you can succeed where the greatest lawyers in Scotland have failed.
With features like plain English summaries and smart authoring tools, Outlaw help companies do business faster and with more transparency.
Tenders are invited for the provision of plain english writing, editing and training services to the department of employment affairs and social protection.
If you don't know your subject intimately, you can't write about it plainly--"people tend to waffle if they don't know their subject well," says Sarah Stacy-Baynes, who is national information manager for the Cancer Society and the impetus behind the society adopting the plain English ethos.
Steve Jenner, from the Plain English Campaign, Plain English Campaign, is urging Merseyside councils to make reports simpler to understand.
As the Telegraph revealed on Monday, the Plain English Campaign has nominated the force for a Golden Bull "award" for a series of baffling mission statements.
The award is given to what the Plain English Campaign judges consider to be the clearest website of the year.
Now in an expanded fifth edition, Grammar in Plain English is an easy-to-follow, user-friendly instructional manual, especially ideal for adults preparing themselves for the GED, students learning English as a second language, and as a classroom text for remedial English courses.
Now furious lecturers have called for the use of plain English, criticising the use of jargon and hitting out at basic errors in the nation's use of English.
TRINITY Mirror's Peter Grant has been honoured with a Plain English award.
The pair were among the award 'winners' in the Plain English Campaign's annual Golden Bull booby prize to mark National Plain English Day.
It advises checking the plain English section of the website idea.