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Akatch accused some officers in plain clothes of arresting people without giving a reason.
All officials including woman staff are directed to wear a formal dress when in plain clothes while on duty.
The reason for deploying the plain clothes officers is to clamp down on fare dodgers onMerseyrailservices.
Officers from Coulby Newham Neighbourhood Policing Team conducted plain clothes patrols and used night vision equipment to try and find those responsible for animal attacks in Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
Cops are determined to snare the vandals, saying extra uniformed and plain clothes patrols will be put in place.
The resident of the B Block of Peoples Colony police station Mohammad Shahzad s/o Subhan Ali told the police that three days ago some unknown people came in Vigo vehicle wearing plain clothes who trespassed his house and tortured FIA SI Jamshaid Khan who was staying in his house and kidnapped him at gun point.
South Wales Police sergeant Richie Gardiner said: "I think the benefits are in terms of the plain clothes and us communicating with the community is telling the public and reassuring them that we are out there every day until the end of May.
Two friends of Naqeebullah Mehsud's have come forward to give details about how they, including Naqeebullah, were detained by men in plain clothes.Ali and Qasim, while speaking to a local media outlet, said that on the night of January 3, all three of them were 'kidnapped' by men in plain clothes and were taken to the Sachal police station right away.
KARACHI -- Two friends of Naqeebullah Mehsud, who was shot dead in an alleged extrajudicial killing, have come forward and detailed the harrowing story of being detained by men in plain clothes.
The IGP directed that police personnel be deployed in sufficient numbers besides posting policemen in plain clothes to ensure foolproof security.
KARACHI -- GeoNews Karachi Bureau Chief Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui was kidnapped on his way to work on Saturday by men in plain clothes and police uniforms.
The suspect struck a deal with a cop in plain clothes to sell him the drugs he possessed and was arrested red-handed.