plain speech

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Dear girl," he began, "there is a troublesome business ahead of us, and nothing but the most absolute honesty and plain speech will see us through.
Lydgate's instinct was fine enough to tell him that plain speech, quite free from ostentatious caution, would be felt by Mr.
He was an electrifying figure in the 2012 Republican presidential primaries, noted for his plain speech and ability to connect with audience.
Consummate activist Archie Green summed it up: "In using plain speech to communicate with others inside and outside our professions, we undergird analysis, advance action, and step into coalitions.
A barrister and high court judge in his African homeland, Sentamu is known for his plain speech, energy and zeal for spreading the gospel.
My ancestors were Quakers and we used the plain speech in our house when I was growing up.
Harold Rhenisch's piece, for example, charms with an admixture of magic, plain speech, and invocations of Robin Skelton, mentor and friend.
Poets in the confessional vein who came of age in the 1960s and '70s often inherited the mode either through the forthright, politically charged plain speech of Adrienne Rich or the arcane, dense lyricism of Sylvia Plath.
It was a plain speech, like those of early American presidents, better savoured in the reading that in the listening.
You can hear the plain speech that Coleman employs to set down her scene and her stories.
In his preface to Li-Young Lee's first book, Rose (1986), Gerald Stern announced a young poet of humility and plain speech who invited the sublime, a writer whose poetic search for his family and self touched deep emotional and psychic layers in his readers.
Sandburg has his roots there as well, and understood the plain speech, the wry humor, and the hard work.