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The objects at present on the table are, a pestle and mortar, and a saucepanful of the dry bones of animals--in plain words, the dinner for the day.
I have stated in such plain words what I saw, mainly for the reason that later I want to emphasize the encouraging changes that have taken place in the community, not wholly by the work of the Tuskegee school, but by that of other institutions as well.
In plain words, there is nothing you may ask for which it would not be our pleasure and privilege to give you.
In plain words, I did what you would have done, in my place--I followed her.
You are a fine creature, Valeria, and I have come here to tell you so in plain words.
He felt that he would like to thrash the gen- eral, or at least approach and tell him in plain words exactly what he thought him to be.
retorted Hayward, with a smile which made Philip blush, for he felt that in putting into plain words what the other had expressed in a paraphrase, he had been guilty of vulgarity.
If you wish me to speak in plain words," Barrington said, "I will do so.
The new girl, mortified and offended, entered her protest in plain words.
There was no alternative for Mercy but to own the truth in plain words.
She even told family in plain words that she would opt for court marriage if it refused her to do so,' claimed 18-year-old girl Shazia.
In plain words, Bizenjo said his administration will launch an investigation into the matter and make sure to reorganize the entry test since there was uncontrolled cheating and absolute impunity of using cellular by candidates.