plain words

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There was no alternative for Mercy but to own the truth in plain words.
I'm for a few plain words with Job Rowsell, though he's my own sister's husband.
Open your mouth and say wot you've got to say in plain words.
In plain words, doctor," I said, "you don't think the circumstances that I have mentioned to you worthy of serious investigation?
In plain words, another knocking announced a new visitor at the house door.
In plain words, I did what you would have done, in my place--I followed her.
Coulson," he said, "we are asked by your friend, in a few plain words, what the attitude of Great Britain would be in the event of a war between Japan and America.
He felt that he would like to thrash the gen- eral, or at least approach and tell him in plain words exactly what he thought him to be.
retorted Hayward, with a smile which made Philip blush, for he felt that in putting into plain words what the other had expressed in a paraphrase, he had been guilty of vulgarity.
I didn't mean to tell you this Emily; but, in plain words, there is no choice between selling these two and selling everything.
turning those plain words into brilliant metaphors and pompous images, for they are fine talkers in that family
Assad should be told in plain words that he is also one of the enemies of Syria and Syrians.