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Hoskins alleges that one of the plainclothes officers told him that he had passed something to someone else, then said that he had thrown something on the ground.
Erol was working as a plainclothes police officer in Ankara.
All the citizens who tried to protest were attacked by the police, and especially plainclothes police," he told AFP, speaking by phone from Lyoune, adding that he had not been informed of any serious injuries.
Mullan, 28, of Belfast, claimed he was protecting his partner Dawn McAnoy when he was set upon by a gang of plainclothes police.
The team sent a policeman in plainclothes who posed as a buyer and managed to convince the person in charge of sales to show him the goods packed in cartons bearing brand names of famous companies.
HRW - Cairo - The Egyptian government should order security forces, especially police and plainclothes agents, not to use live fire against peaceful protesters and bystanders, Human Rights Watch said today.
The incident happened on July 23rd, late at night, when 4 plainclothes police officers following a tip about a prostitution ring went into the house of a family of ethnic Turks.
The New York-based Human Rights Watch cited testimonies of witnesses who said they saw plainclothes officers beat a 28-year-old man from Egypt's coastal city of Alexandria.
KARACHI, June 21 -- Eight Pasban activists were injured and three went missing on Sunday when what were believed to be plainclothes policemen opened fire on the participants of a Pasban rally near the Kalapul.
Five cars and another stolen motorbkie were also seized during Operation Belt Loop which sawmore than a dozen officers taking part in high-visibility and plainclothes patrols.
The Plaintiffs were prevented from wearing their uniforms and assigned to a plainclothes job somewhere in HPD and were prevented from working extra duty except in plainclothes.