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The spot where we had now paused is the same that our friend Bunyan--a truthful man, but infected with many fantastic notions--has designated, in terms plainer than I like to repeat, as the mouth of the infernal region.
The case is as plain as a pikestaff, and the more one goes into it the plainer it becomes.
This done, the warrior assisted his master to replace the handsome jewelled metal of his harness with the plainer ornaments of an ordinary fighting man of Helium, and with the insignia of the same house that appeared upon the bow of the flier.
The meeting was hosted by Weil Restructuring Partner Adam Plainer, who is President of the TMA's U.
Plainer materials work well around windows and for furniture, but go wild with the bedding and cushions.
MESSAGE UNDERSTOOD: A placard outside | |Lime Street station couldn't be much plainer
We have tried a couple of plainer "textured effect" papers, but they look too plain, any ideas?
There have already been whispers he expected it to be plainer sailing than it has been over there.
The Methodist Unitarian chapel in Todmorden, resembling a Church of England church, and the large Albion Congregational Church at Ashtonunder-Lyne (1890) with many wealthy cotton spinners amongst its members, didn't connect with the poor, so some Nonconformists tried to attract them by building plainer chapels, such as the Wesleyan chapel at Uppermill (1913).
Sooner or later, there will be a self-governing Palestinian community (a state, in plainer words) on the West Bank and in Gaza.
and the plainer bottom half is just not flattering.