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In the center of the chamber was a long table, and before it sat a little, pop-eyed old man counting his money; but, plainest of all, I saw upon the wall a great switch with a small magnet inlaid within the surface of its black handle.
She was exquisitely young, and yet ludicrously old for her years; had been admirably educated, chiefly abroad, and, as we were soon to discover, possessed accomplishments which would have made the plainest old maid a popular personage on board ship.
D'Artagnan's expressive eye, half- opened lips, his curling mustache, said as much indeed in the plainest language to the chief favorite, who remained calm and perfectly unmoved.
But one could not look upon his cruel blue eyes, with their drooping, cynical lids, or upon the fierce, aggressive nose and the threatening, deep-lined brow, without reading Nature's plainest danger-signals.
I pointed to the ground where the evidences of the struggle were plainest and where the scent must have been strong to Raja's nostrils.
We vie with one another in the splendor of our accoutrements when trapped for the observance of the lighter duties of life, though when we take the field our leather is the plainest I ever have seen worn by fighting men of Barsoom.
Here was a man who asked for but the plainest fare; who ministered to his own simple needs with his own hands; who worked out as a laborer only when he needed money to buy books and magazines; and who saw to it that the major portion of his waking time was for enjoyment.
I beg your pardon, Miss Emily; I was considering how to put what I have to say in the fewest and plainest words.
In the plainest words, she released him from his engagement, and, without waiting for his excuses, quitted the room.
You shall have both in the plainest and fewest words.
In the plainest possible words, she began the strangest and wildest confession that had ever reached the Doctor's ears.
I am now, in the saddest and plainest meaning of the words, alone in the world.