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Zzzz: And by this point, you'd be forgiven for switching off to all of this mind-numbing business jargon so, as business people, let's make an effort to revert back to plainspeaking English.
Doing some plainspeaking, Congress President Sonia Gandhi today conceded that lack of discipline and unity were among the reasons for the party's debacle in Assembly polls and asked the cadre not to despair and be ready for the "battle ahead" in 2014 general elections.
Former Lib Dem chief whip Carmichael, 48, said: "People in Shetland know I'm fairly plainspeaking and not unnecessarily aggressive.
Thursday Mrs Brown BBC2 10pm This period drama features fantastic performances from Judi Dench as Queen Victoria and Billy Connolly as the plainspeaking Scottish servant who helps her to cope with her grief following the death of her husband.
But Dad is very plainspeaking, knows football, and if things go badly he will treat me as he would any other manager.
THE HOTEL INSPECTOR Channel 5, 9pm Thank heavens for Alex Polizzi, the plainspeaking business guru whose Lady Chatterley-style appeal has helped make this one of the best troubleshooting shows around.
Indian campuses are not attractive enough for foreign students," the plainspeaking VC says, stating a home truth.
The Game (which opened its original fixtures at the Playhouse 90-something years ago) precedes Hobson, but is Brighouse still firmly entrenched in the plainspeaking north.
She has simultaneously become the independent woman's icon and the older male's sex siren, the queen of Hollywood and the plainspeaking lass from Essex.
Tony Blair paid emotional tribute to Estelle Morris yesterday after announcing plainspeaking Charles Clarke would be her successor.
SINCE taking over as the BJP president nearly six weeks ago, Nitin Gadkari has done much plainspeaking to antagonise some of its well- entrenched sections and said and done a lot to re- energise the party.