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The company wants its Bing search engine to be able to respond to users with plainspoken answers or multiple sources of information.
Accompanied by a low-volume recording of Mayer's incantatory, Steinian stream-of-consciousness accounting of the days in question, the gridded photos--which covered one wall of the gallery--catalogue with varying degrees of fidelity and technical care the sort of under-examined sites, objects, and activities that Georges Perec referred to as the "common things" that "speak of what is, of what we are." A scrupulous document of what might initially seem like nothing much at all, Memory is, in fact, a beautifully plainspoken consideration of the conditions of attention and of presentness--one whose meditation on the fugitive, finespun quality of recollection has only deepened as its particulars have faded over time.
According to Grzywinski, it's not so much a New York aesthetic that they bring to the table as it is their frank, plainspoken manner--refreshing in a country famous for adhering to protocol.
"But in poetry, the fourth line stands connected to the first, and all the words likewise stand connected to each other." This sense of the beauty and solidity of poetry, which Eliahu has inherited from influences as disparate as the Hebrew Bible, Walt Whitman, and Wislawa Szymborska, now comes to us distilled into the language of one of Israel's most plainspoken poets.
Still, Li's writing is lovely, graceful yet plainspoken, and I underlined many passages, like this one: "Some days, going from one book to another, preoccupied with thoughts that were of no importance, I would feel a rare moment of serenity: all that could not be solved in my life was merely a trifle as long as I kept it at a distance.
Yet at times, that also provides its greatest strength, as the actor uses his clout to coerce such major world figures as President Obama and Pope Francis into appearing on camera, and uses his own admitted lack of scientific background to his advantage, acting as a plainspoken everyman guide to some extremely complicated concepts.
Foster said he liked Trump's plainspoken rhetorical style but can't see backing the billionaire in the general election.
But the most surprising aspect of the day was the plainspoken testimony coming from seasoned business people who have conducted business in Cuba for as long as two decades.
As the academics say, "He has adopted the plainspoken white working-class vernacular of resentment heard in the blue collar bar" to appear authentic and trustworthy.
Self-assured but pragmatic, the young Liverpudlian is plainspoken when talking about the future.
Art historian Grewe offers a revisionist view of a group German painters who, early in the 19th century turned their back on a century of skeptical Enlightenment and committed themselves to re-enchanting the modern world and revitalizing contemporary art through a return to the plainspoken piety and stylistic simplicity of medieval and early Renaissance art.
In a videotaped press conference, the plainspoken cowboy made some impromptu comments that caused a raging firestorm amongst the "progressive" media commentariat, and also caused panic amongst many who had supported him.