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LaBute writes Edward as a plainspoken, self-made Midwestern entrepreneur, who charms us with the openness of his declarations of love for his dear JoJo and with his wandering, distracted storytelling style, which indicates his emotional distress.
Achieved through understatement and plainspoken style, this straightforward narrative may not always focus on what seems important, yet the author succeeds in establishing a sense of impending disaster -- a race against the clock.
More importantly, his profound but plainspoken truths about power, militarism, and justice resonate today more than ever before.
The author wants us to sense Alex's compassion for Maya, but the plainspoken, coloquial narration does not plumb deeply enough.
She makes Karla so plainspoken and guileless that in the afterlife, the dead seem to be attacking her.
His style is direct and plainspoken within the grasp of second- and third-graders.
He said the sassy, plainspoken woman seen lately on television fielding questions from Katie Couric or debating the Democratic vice presidential nominee, U.
In a different artist's hands the not-quite-identical twins might suggest an arch, Baudrillardian comment on the simulacral--genetic copies without an original--but here the effect is more plainspoken, a declarative, Diane Arbus-like observation on human identity as a systematic proliferation of imperfections.