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His natural talent for and emphasis on the power of image has drawn him steadfastly towards values of plainspokenness and transparency of language, values not necessarily identical with subtlety.
I think one has to adjust." When I told him that many of us who cheer his plainspokenness on the Middle East decried him in the '70s, he laughed.
And this MW has not only seen but explained, in essay after essay, with admirable precision and plainspokenness.
Among America's great contributions to world literature are the masterful plainspokenness of Mark Twain and the surly, hardboiled succinctness of Ernest Hemingway.
Her lyrical weakness--the plainspokenness that resonates in a protest song but can sink a ballad--is largely offset by her increasingly confident vocals.
Hugo's poem has a quiet majesty which steadily builds as the poem progresses; this is in part because he avails himself of simple declarative lines that have a solemn Biblical plainspokenness about them: Booz s'etait couche de fatigue accable; Il avait tout le jour travaille dans son aire; Puis avait fait son lit a sa place ordinaire; Booz dormait aupres des boisseaux pleins de ble.