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Sacks has noted in his comprehensive study of the English elegy, is often a figure for "an immortal but metaphorized sexual force." Sacks argues that the blend of "plaintiveness and oblique sexuality" that characterizes this instrument makes it particularly appropriate to mourning (7).
Eilenberg clearly takes her cue from Todd, who seems furious with Wollstonecraft for not being better able to win Imlay back, for the inefficacy of--her whining plaintiveness in--her letters to Imlay.
If Emanuel is slippery for readers in a very hip way, Mark Halliday's third book, Self-Wolf, is also a tricky read--maybe more so for its initial appearance of plaintiveness. Like Emanuel, Halliday's voice is accessible, clear, and direct; from his appealing narrative-discursive style the unnerving peculiarities only gradually emerge.
While the song itself is quite lovely in its plaintiveness, there is not enough creative work in any of the variations, which, since they do not even change key, are monotonous.
(43) By including participating listeners Coleridge avoids the isolation and plaintiveness of many of his other late soliloquies.
The Beatles's "Help" spills its harmonies and plaintiveness on to Polk Street for him.
After lamenting that Cruelty can now slay all "folk redeless of peyne," the speaker continues, with a frank bewilderment that may be Chaucer's particular contribution to the registers of plaintiveness,
Fully to appreciate the plaintiveness of this utterance, it must be recognized that to the Puritans, and to Dimmesdale as a Puritan minister, the public exposure of sin is of vital importance to the sinner--thus the nature of Hester's punishment.(6) To the townspeople, ignorant of Dimmesdale's role in Hester's sin, this utterance is clearly an order from a minister to a wayward member of his congregation.
From the joyful rush of Fascinating Rhythm to the plaintiveness of The Man I Love, this music is best understood by allowing its powerful fusion of words and music to sweep over our hearts and souls.
The merit of this bird's strain is in its freedom from all plaintiveness. The singer can easily move us to tears or to laughter, but where is he who can excite in us a pure morning joy?
There is a surplus of flowering branches and garlands, as if a seasonal clearance sale on beauty were taking place in Paradise." (16) (In the US, Marxist critic Harry Alan Potamkin saw a similar sentimental obfuscation: "The wish to emphasize paradise is a typical plaintiveness in the soul of the movie-man." (17)
Voix blanche is "a timbre characterized by a certain sweetness and plaintiveness." (24) It is referred to as voce finta by the Italian school and has sometimes has been mistaken for falsetto.