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Also known as the crown braid, it is created by plaiting a long ponytail then wrapping around the head and across the front and pinning to the side, creating a wide circle.
The trainer said yesterday: "I remember when Calculating won the Queen's Prize at Kempton, he got himself in a right stew when he got to the track, but as soon as Claudia started plaiting him he settled down.
She's been plaiting since she was a little girl and is very creative.
As I am hopeless at plaiting I am going to pull Horace's tail, so he will be bathed the day before the show and then I will just have to plait his mane on the actual morning of the show.
Comb through a styling product like setting lotion, styling cream or serum while hair is damp to smooth the hair, calm frizz and make for easier plaiting.
com Sin pec Separate ponytail into sections for plaiting, and smooth each section by combing through a drop of serum.