plan of action

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On any day from 26th December to 31st December, he (Rajinikanth) will disclose his plan of action, thereafter there will not be any doubt regarding his political entry," Tamilaruvi Manian said.
The Plan of Action adopted today operationalizes the Declaration and is underpinned by three pillars: identifying stateless people and the risks of statelessness; preventing and reducing statelessness; and raising awareness among the general public.
In turn, Minister for Women, Family and Childhood, Naziha Labidi emphasised the importance of this national plan of action for the implementation of resolution 1325 on strengthening gender equality and enhancing the role of women in decision-making.
The Plan of Action on areas of cooperation in ICTs will cover cyber security, e-government, internet governance as well as broadband strategies for implementation and rural access.
We have had to conclude it is not possible to get to an agreement by the deadline that was set for today and therefore we will extend the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) to June 30, 2015," British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told reporters at the end of the talks.
Manila, Philippines The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB), formerly the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) have renewed commitment to improve the implementation of the Philippine Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Plan of Action.
Director of human rights at the League, Elham Alshejni, said the Committee will also discuss the Arab Charter on Human Rights, as well as the Arab Plan of Action for human rights education (2009-2014) that aims to include the subject of human rights in the curriculum of Arab schools and universities, and the Arab Plan of Action to amend the culture of human rights for officials and lawmakers throughout the Arab World.
Five districts of the Capital have been identified as gender critical with a skewed child sex ratio-- South- West, West, East, North and North- West-- that will be the focus of the new National Plan of Action prepared by the government for protection of the girl child.
Experts from member countries of the Association of Southeast Nations began Thursday a two-day meeting in the Philippine capital to draft a binding mechanism and a plan of action to combat the problem of human trafficking.
We want to see a clear plan of action from the Chancellor which he can take forward to Budget 2013.
Tunisia has agreed with the EU on a plan of action that will affect the political, economic, social and financial areas for the period 2013-2017, Riadh Bettaieb, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation said in a statement to TAP.
ISLAMABAD -- A three-day training course on 'Developing Local Adaptations Plans of Action for Climate Change Resilience' has recently been concluded at LEAD House, where climate change experts and participants tested a training module and a toolkit of local adaptation plan of action for its efficiency and effectiveness.

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