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The Local Development Plan Strategy will set out the land-use planning policies for the whole of the County Borough, taking into account how much growth can take place and how land is distributed for purposes such as housing, employment, retail, education and open space.
They are being asked to give their opinion of the local development plan strategy, which will decide what sort of building work takes place and how much land is given over to housing, employment, retail, education and open space until 2021.
The Anglican church's rainmakers--financial consultants across the country who advise potential donors on various methods of giving--met near Toronto in September to plan strategy for the national church's new funding plan called Letting Down the Nets.
Green, chairman and CEO of SL Green, said "This acquisition and these sales demonstrate our execution of our business plan strategy of selling those non-core assets which the company has bought and repositioned, and redeploying the equity into assets that can more significantly contribute to our long-term earnings growth."
To have a winning 401(k) plan strategy, you must come to agreement on tees, operations procedures, Investment options and employee education with your plan administrator.
The CNP meets several times each year to discuss issues and plan strategy in tightly controlled settings closed to the news media and public.
Never attempt to plan strategy or tactics based on unconfirmed information or data.