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Pkf = Peak vertical ground reaction force, BW = body weight, KFlexCon = Knee flexion angle at initial contact, FPmax = Frontal plane knee angle at maximum knee flexion, FP30 = Maximum frontal plane angle at 30 degrees of knee flexion, FProm30 = Knee range of motion in the frontal plane from 0 degrees of knee flexion to 30 degrees of knee flexion, FPrommax = Knee range of motion in the frontal plane from 0 degrees of knee flexion to maximum knee flexion, VL = vastus lateralis muscle, VM = vastus medialis muscle, MH = medial hamstring muscles, LH = lateral hamstring muscle, GA = gastrocnemius muscle (Lateral head), * = RMS was normalized to a percent of the greatest RMS value, for that muscle, during the pre-fatigue condition.
OSAS patients tended to have a posteriorly positioned and posteriorly rotated mandible with a higher gonial angle, a longer lower facial height, a greater mandibular plane angle, and a moderately retracted chin.
Seat depth, seat plane angle, seat-to-floor height, back height and seat width are all custom fitted.
This prospective study had three inclusion criteria: 1) counterclockwise rotation of the maxillomandibular complex with a mandibular occlusal plane angle surgical change of [greater than or equal to] 5 degrees; 2) TMJs reconstructed and mandible advanced with custom-made TMJ Concepts/Techmedica total joint prostheses; and 3) simultaneous maxillary osteotomies.