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In the present study OSA children showed significantly steeper mandibular plane angle as compared to control.
It can be observed that there was no significant difference between pre- and posttreatment measurements in either gender for the Occlusal Plane angle and for SN.
Similarly, the single subject results revealed several significant increases (varus and valgus) in frontal plane angle at 30 degrees of flexion as a result of fatigue.
The visible angle made by two such tangents (W) = the plane angle made by ("really comprehended by") the tangents (Y).
The mandibular plane angle was found to be much lower in comparison to Caucasian(table-3).
A previous study demonstrated that crowding was associated with larger mandibular plane angle and occlusal angles to Sella turcica-Nasion (S-N) compared with patients of spacing.
Extra oral examination revealed convex profile, high mandibular plane angle, increased lower anterior facial height, protruded lips.
Some mandibular growth took place (Fig 7) but the mandibular plane angle was maintained (Table 1).
More favorable treatment result can be seen if the mandibular plane angle is 28[degrees] or less.
In comparison with a study performed by Forster CM, Sunga E, Chung CH5 for the maxillary arch, there was a statistically significant inverse relationship between the mandibular plane angle and dental arch widths.
The results showed significantly high values of mandibular plane angle (SN-GoGn).