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When parts of Figure 9 and their phase plane parts (of Figure 10) are generally compared with the corresponding Figures 2(d), 2(e), and 2(f) and their phase plane Figures 3(d), 3(e), and 3(f), we can observe that amplitude of the wave increases when h = 4.5 compared to when h = 2.5 and the motion is more stable when h = 4.5.
126 So (as Diogenes Laertius would also later report), there were points (not to be confused with Democritean atoms), and points became lines, and lines became plane figures, plane figures became solids, and these became perceivable bodies, a theory of which Ficino was certainly aware; see Diogenes Laertius 8.25 (citing Alexander Polyhistor) (=DK 58B1a); passage cited in McKirahan, 101.
* Final sketches and records of identification of the plane figures created at the end of instruction on the concepts
We have analyzed an episode related to a discussion about the difference between plane figures and spatial figures promoted by the teacher in her mathematics classroom (the students are aged 11 to 12).
In math, two-dimensional figures are known as plane figures, while three-dimensional figures are known as solid or space figures.
Previous research has shown that many secondary school students improperly apply linear models when solving non-linear problems involving lengths, area and volume of similar plane figures and solids.