plane surface

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As in the cells of the hive-bee, so here, the three plane surfaces in any one cell necessarily enter into the construction of three adjoining cells.
Depth stops can be set to the exact measuring depth in the horizontal measurement position to provide precise support on the reference plane surface.
Magnetohydrodynamic flow of an incompressible viscous fluid caused by the deformation of a plane surface.
The S21 parameter value of the Fresnel reflector for low elevation angles (30[degrees] in Figure 8), in the working frequency band, is lower than the value obtained with the metallic plane surface.
Since the end point of the applanation process is a plane surface, (8,14) the clinically observed reduction in IOP post-corneal refractive surgery must be due to exaggerated corneal flattening as well as corneal thinning or changes in biomechanical properties.
In this paper, we have discussed the steady-state thermoelastic problem for a finite length hollow cylinder on upper plane surface where as arbitrary heat is applied on the upper surface and lower surface of the cylinder.
Due to the easier way of manufacturing, a plane surface is preferably.
Objects upon a plane surface so as to produce the same impression of
For most conditions, a sloping plane surface rather than a level surface is desired.
William Hyde Wollaston uses mirrors to project the image of an external object on a plane surface so that its outline may be traced.